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Importing the Win3xO and eXoDOS Collections (Now with Win3xO+eXoDOS images!)

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I agree it's simple, but guides should be written with the assumption that the user knows nothing about anything (as I've demonstrated myself).

For example, when you download the volumes, your directory is going to have directories named "eXoDOSSTR, eXoDOSSIM", etc.

These are meaningless of course, since you need to combine all the volumes in order for the bat to decompress everything needed.

I would write something like:

"the root directory should have 5 metadata zip files (1 from each volume), as well as the launchbox zip file, the setup.bat, and a folder named eXoDOS.
In that folder there should be two folders: "Games", with the games from all 5 volumes, and "util", with unzip.exe and util.zip".

Just to make thing unambiguous.

I only have 1 volume left to download, and I still wonder how transferring the xml files to my instance of launchbox works, seeing as you said the program uses relative paths, and my instance of launchbox won't be in the same relative path as the instance that's provided, but I'll figure that out when I get there.


Thanks for your help and effort!

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The next release is precombined, so it's a null issue.


For what it's worth, the site I actually released it on (PD, which is listed in the torrents readme) and the discord channel I run all do have explicit instructions.


Coming to the front end's forums that I just happen to be a member of wouldn't be the primary source of info for my work.


I do provide all the info anyone needs. I can't control whether they go there to find it though. 

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Well I did everything you said, and now I have everything set up.

From what I tried, everything is working great. Thank you very much!


Continuing what you said, is there a forum or something where people report bugs or discuss this package? I played some Rayman Forever, which I'm not familiar with, and I'm not sure if it's running as it should.

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Yea, the most active place to discuss eXoDOS is at my discord channel. There are channels for multiple facets (bug reports, game submissions, etc).


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