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Steam May Have Just Murdered My Xbox

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So as you may already know, I was a pretty much exclusive current gen console gamer right up until I started getting involved in launchbox. I've been fighting moving all of my gaming to PC for a variety of reasons including hardware, my couch lifestyle (need for controller), and just general momentum. 

I was really excited when steam decided to support xbox and ps4 controllers with the software they developed for mapping the steam controller (software that is much more robust than xpadder, joy2key, etc) and sort of blown away that steam extended this functionality to non steam games and apps launched through steam. I did run into some issues as BigBox, for instance, started becoming unresponsive to my controller when launched from Steam. A few other programs as well. It seemed to be endemic to programs with native controller support. Also, there is an option to turn off controller support for specific games/apps in Steam but this did nothing to solve the problem.

Finally posted about it on the steam beta thread and someone from Steam responded extremely quickly telling me how to fix the first issue, explaining the software, and furthermore immediately fixing the option to disable for individual items in the newest beta.

I'm just saying, considering Steam added support for gamepad peripherals that directly compete with their own controller, and continued this support for games/apps you can't even buy on Steam, and then was that responsive on an issue concerning those two things, they gave Jason a run for his money in the customer service department. :D 

To sum up the solution: Do not create blank profiles in steam for games/apps with native controller support, which is what I did in launchbox fearing double pressing if two programs were sending inputs. I'll let the steam guy explain:


When you enable Xbox Controller support Steam hooks Xinput for the game and hides the normal Xinput controller. We then inject whatever inputs you have enabled (Xinput or keyboard/mouse). 

It sounds like you want to go into the controller configuration settings for that non-Steam game in your Steam Library, select a gamepad template, and then edit whatever individual settings you want to be custom.

There appears to be a bug with opting out of configuration on a per game basis for non-Steam games. I'll look into this...

Opting out on a per game basis for non-Steam games should be fixed in the latest beta. Austinp

At any rate, they got my loyalty with that and with how awesome the mapping software is (and how much stronger my PC is now than my consoles) I'm pretty sure my xbox just died.




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I agree with you that the new native PS4/Xbox Controller support of Steam BPM opens some awesome possibilities. :)

Right now it's kinda buggy though, but I am confident Valve will fix stuff eventually.

Could you provide a link to the thread you mentioned?


EDIT: Never mind, found it https://steamcommunity.com/groups/SteamClientBeta/discussions/0/1291816880503369861/

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I'm never sure about linking stuff so I just try to avoid it all together. Glad you found it. Also glad I'm not the only one excited. :D 

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