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NoshOnThis View File This is the initial release of NoshOnThis theme. Right now the theme is specifically optimized for 16:9 resolutions but that will be improve

While i'm really bad at at anything arty, i love this theme, so i had a go and made a few myself, they nothing great, but they may fill a gap for people.    

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1 minute ago, nosh said:


I have not created these yet, I have created some other banners that I need to add to the theme tho.

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While you are here @nosh, any chance of a megadrive one so I can replace genesis? Cheers fella. :)

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Love the theme! 

Is there a way I can change the time it takes for the platform wheel to hide? Or if not, disable it? I have poked around in the View files, but I'm a noob so i can't figure it out.

EDIT: Nevermind, I found it. Thanks again for the theme.

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Hey @nosh Amazing theme . i wanted to see if you could, would be interested in making banners for some odd systems.

Playstation 3.

Casio loopy.

Epoch Super Cassette Vision.

Phillips Video Pack.

Sega Pico.

GamePark GP32.

Hartung Game Master.

Acorn Archimedes.

some might be hard because lack of high quality art? but it never hurts to ask :)

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So ive slightly tweeked this theme so i can have the game video as the background, now were abouts would i find the option to disable the game fan art background as it covers most my video in the background. 

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Reminds me of attract, HS with wheel hiding, i like that one the most. Its efficient. But its incomplete. Videos are not resizing properly to fill empty space on screen, actually they are not resizing at all, they just scale slightly. Synopses are not scrolling up,down they are just static.

But judging by time of last reply by maker, this theme will not see those fixed, a shame.

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