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Mapping FC30 Pro

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Hi guys,

I was trying to map the 8bit FC30 in Dos Box.. I can play but only with analog stick. There's any way to use the d-pad? I tried modifing the key mapper of DOSBOX  with ctrl+f1 but it don't work at all, after the modify the controller doesn't work anymore and I need to reinstall. In launch box I can't find any options to map the controller. Do you know how to do this? thanks9_9

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I don't have any specific experience with that controller, but I've got some instructions on how to use DOSBox + 360 controller here:

As I mention there, your mileage is going to vary because it depends entirely on the game. Some stuff will work natively simply by setting your .conf like I indicate in the post and some stuff will only work via the DOSBox remapper (which apparently isn't working for you, for some reason).

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