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Source Ports/FOSS games and mods box art?


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What do you guys use for a box art when using source ports, mods or open ports of games? For instance D2X-XL which plays Descent 1&2 as well as Vertigo or GMDX for Deus Ex. I personally make my own covers or modify existing ones to match. Feel free to share yours if you're cool with that. :)


Descent D2X-XL-01.jpg

Deus Ex GMDX.jpg


Serious Sam Fusion 2017-01.jpg


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On 12/06/2017 at 5:33 PM, SentaiBrad said:

I don't use too many engine ports, though I want to when their available. xD

There are many amazing engine ports already available bro. Don't you at least use GZDoom? I can't fathom someone who plays video games NOT having at least a version of Ultimate Doom on their PC. :P

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