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Background images and videos on custom themes

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Hey guys - it's me again with another stupid question I'm sure.  After watching Jason and Wood and Brad's videos I finally upgraded to a lifetime Premium account.  I'm really loving Launchbox and Big Box makes it just that much better.

So my question - I'm loving the custom big box themes that are available.  I've downloaded a handful of them (most per Woods' recommendation) but i can't seem to get any of the background images to show.  I can get the fanart or clear logos but for ones like CityHunter that have all those great videos or Minimal AO has a whole folder of backgrounds that I have no clue how where to put them etc, just to name a couple.  Is there an easy way to add or specify a background image that's not the random fanart or clear logo?  Or to make a great theme like CityHunter's not just have a blank black screen on all the platforms?

Excuse my ignorance.  Trying to figure this out on my own had had me pulling my hair out and it's not like i have a lot to begin with anymore :(

Thanks guys!


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I cannot really help much as I do not typically mess with image much in the themes, but I do know in themes folder of Minimal AO there is a .pdf that will tell you how to customize that theme quite a bit. It also lets you know where to place custom videos or background images to work with the theme. 




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I think you need to download platform videos. In City Hunter for example the only custom videos that come with it are the main background one. And several you can also download to replace that one with. If there are banners or clear logos specific to the theme they will be located within the theme In the same directory structure where the files reside in LaunchBox. And you may have to refresh your image cache to see the changes.

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