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Shaders ported from RetroArch to ReShade

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3DFX by leileilol
ArtifactColors by flyguy/HunterK.
CRT-Aperture by Easymode
CRT-cgwg by cgwg
CRT-Easymode by Easymode
CRT-Geom by cgwg, Themaister and DOLLS!
CRT-Hyllian by Hylilan
CRT-Lottes by Timothy Lottes
EGA Filter by VileR (Ported from DOSBox)
GTUv50 by Aliaspider
Monitor Colors by ??? (No credits listed on the shaders, ported from DOSBox)
NTSC by Themaister (I think that's the one used in RetroArch)
PAL-Singlepass (by svofski/HunterK.)
R57-PAL (By r57shell/feos/HardWareMan)



RetroArch Shaders [ReShade].zip

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Before anyone gets their hopes up with these just be aware that they are not as good as their Retroarch versions and the internal resolution of the game / program being used with these will drastically alter the way they look.

Now having said  that, they are better than no shader effect.

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