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Super Mario Fusion Revival windows 10

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Hi Folks,

Has anyone managed to get either 'Super Mario Fusion Revival' or 'Mushroom Kingdom Fusion' working on Windows 10?  If so any tips, or is it a lost cause?

I recently discovered these games and wanted to add them into my 'Windows' section on Launch Box/Big Box. However both games fail to launch, and display multiple errors. Including "Out of Memory".

Reading up various forums online, it mentions that Game Maker 8 (used to create both games) is not compatible with windows 8 onwards. However a few say they can run with no issue.

I tried a few compatibility combos within file properties (Windows 7 and Vista), however this only results in a different error being displayed.

I don't know a lot about virtual machine, but is that an option? Say launching from Big Box into a virtual machine with the games ready to go?

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