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I've recently ordered the Ultimate Widescreen bartop cabinet from Haruman Customs and now need to plan out my visual aesthetic for the marquee, side panels, and CPO.  What I'm thinking so far, since I love the CityHunter theme and will be using that in the arcade cab as well, is to stick with the 80s/retro/cyberpunk style. If all goes as planned, there should be a consistent look and feel with both the cabinet itself and the software.

My working title for the marquee is "ROM Runner."  I like this because it is a play on Blade Runner, keeping with the cyberpunk theme, and the system will literally run ROMs as it's a MAME arcade cabinet. My first mockup of the marquee is attached. What do you guys think?

ROM Runner_marquee_v2.jpg

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I like it. Hard to think of something original these days. I did something similar for a pie based bartop I built this spring. I went with the Starfighter marquee theme from the movie the Last Starfighter. I had a guy over on BYOAC that does commission work re-create it to say Retrofighter. 

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