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Playlist Auto Generate Tutorial

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This is a feature that while not difficult is semi hidden in Launchbox so here is a guide to help get started with them.

The first thing you want to do is using the drop down menu on the top left hand side of the Launchbox window is to select "Playlists".

59710b56106a3_2017-07-2015_56_58-LaunchBoxPremium-LicensedtoScottSmith.thumb.png.9287e974b4b979a6fcaaeccbf6ae137f.pngNext you will want to press the + button that you see at the top right of the above screencap, this will then bring you to the following window where you will set it all up.

59710bbd84b35_2017-07-2015_58_41-AddPlaylist.thumb.png.dc928da42aa09fa1a9b0ce49fc1bd4f2.pngName it what you want to call it and if you want the playlist to show when viewing platforms check the "Include this Playlist in Platforms Lists" box and if you want it to show in a specific Platform Category choose from the dropdown menu below the checkbox.

Next go to the Auto-Populate tab and check the "Auto-Populate this Playlist" box. You will now be able to set all the different parameters that the list can be generated using.

59710d490e4f9_2017-07-2016_05_48-NVIDIAGeForceOverlay.thumb.png.f366f0ceb61a1f95ab4d85b91fdf91ee.png59710d90d1a56_2017-07-2016_07_20-NVIDIAGeForceOverlay.thumb.png.25d2a0903a9f7819b189e6f1ecb2b986.png59710da7cdfbf_2017-07-2016_07_53-AddPlaylist.thumb.png.c18187c1a49286785f498997ddc1b8df.pngThe screen shots above will generate a playlist of games tagged with the genre of shooter in the games meta data. This of course as it sits will grab every single game in your library which can be rather unwieldy so let's narrow it down to only NES games.

59710e7c9e545_2017-07-2016_11_33-EditPlaylist.thumb.png.035bed4b0b7beaa71d620901aa7ab21c.pngClick the Ok button and your playlist should now be showing on the left.

59710eb0de2d4_2017-07-2016_12_20-LaunchBoxPremium-LicensedtoScottSmith.png.d75a01ffc4e3832b51c1513fc227cfbf.pngYou can use the Field, Comparison and Value to customize your playlists quite a lot. If you want to modify a playlist or remove it simply right click it and choose what you want to do from the context menu.


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Is there a way to use more than 2 criteria to fill a playlist? For instance, I'm trying to make some Genre playlists for games not in a series; and I also want a catch-all playlist to see any games that are neither in a series nor in one of my genre playlists.

This kind of filtering works with 2 criteria, but not 3 for some reason.


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I created a universal "recently played" playlist that show the last played games across all platforms.  I've also added it to the Platforms view.  I would like for this playlist to be automatically selected when starting BigBox.  Is there a way to make a specific menu item (a playlist acting as a platform) the default when booting BigBox?

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Feature Request:

I like this feature, but would love to see it leverage OR conditions, and also more Comparison types, like Does Not Contain. For example, for the Nintendo Classics playlist from MAME, I'd like to be able to include all games where Publisher = Nintendo OR Title Contains "Vs." to also catch some of the Konami-developed Nintendo VS games. I'm also showing some "Game and Watch" handheld games in my Arcade platform Nintendo Classics playlist. I'd love to filter these out with a Publisher = Nintendo AND Title Does Not Contain "Game and Watch". And to be able to Nest/Combine these AND and OR conditions.

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Is there a way to auto-generate only if its a complete word, with parenthesis?

Meaning, I want to create a 007 playlist, however, if I create a filter for "Title" and "007" it shows me tons of options such as MLB 2007, NFL 2007, etc.


Also, if I want to show Mario only and not Super Mario, you would think to add (2) title criteria, but this doesn't work as intended.

  • Title - Contains - Mario
  • Title - Does not equal - Super

The setup above, will output every title without Super and does not account for the first title option "Mario"



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Additional request
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Is the ability to create a playlist only if you've paid for premium or Big Box?  I've looked based on the screen shots above and don't seem to have that ability with the free version.... just wondering.


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