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Ancoder DragonRise USB , and Retroarch

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I helped my dear friend build a Bartop. . In the two Joystick sets he bought, these encoders were present .
With Mame I have no setting problem , But with retroarch each time you check a button command, the backward menu moves back and forth on its own . Every time I look for a backward solution, I find timely news on retroopie .

https://github.com/libretro/retroarch-joypad-autoconfig/blob/master/udev/DragonRise Inc. Gamepad.cfg

Now I do not have the bartop with me to do some tests, but somehow I have to try to fix this problem.
Does it seem to me that the solution is setting playstation gamepad or wrong?


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I have had trouble with setting inputs in RA as well. Going into the config file and manually setting the button indexes worked for me. You can use a program like joytokey to help figure out what they are. Be careful though, because RA uses a zero index while some programs start from one.

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Also I have the dragon laughed and I have problems with retroarch is not recognized to me, how did you solve it?

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