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Regarding nes/snes and other type controls.

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Auto setup on my Xbox One gamepad, when playing SNES games, is the 'okay' button usually mapped to the B button and the cancel/back button mapped to the A button? 

Retrobox itself is 'okay' with A and cancel/back with B. Just like most modern games, think PS2 games. Cross button was 'okay' and circle was cancel/back. 


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There is 4 buttons on the controller (not the D-Pad, the right side of the controller). In most games, the bottom most button is the "okay/accept" button and the right most button is the "back/cancel" button. 

When I play most SNES games this is backwards. Is this how most SNES games are made or are my controls switched?

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12 hours ago, Lordmonkus said:

You can change them and then save it out as a core override.

Well yeah, that's what I did, but I find it strange that they're reversed like that. I never used to have to do that. Back in my day, A was A and B was B, and we liked it that way. :P

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