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Extremely slow "sony computer presents"?


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Yeah like I said previously, just because one emulator will load and play a certain it doesn't always mean any other will. The Saturn emulation is a really good example of this, both Yabause and SSF are much more forgiving with the disk dumps compared to Mednafens Saturn emulation. Mednafen is a much more accurate emulator and requires proper disk dumps, this is true for both the Saturn and PS1.

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A quick google search did turn up this, no idea if it works or not though.

Make a copy of your memory card (inside memcards folder in ePSXe), memcard000 is your slot 1 while memcard001 is slot 2. Make a copy of the one that has the save of the game of your preference, then take the EXACT name of your rom (e.g.: Trash Candypoon 2.bin) and rename the memcard file to "Trash Candypoon 2.srm". Then transfer that file to your vita in the /retroarch/savefiles folder.

Edit: Removed the link after digging into the site a bit more and finding there is stuff there that shouldn't be linked to.

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I managed to pull this up as well. https://github.com/recalbox/recalbox-os/wiki/How-to-use-save-mcr-(from-ePsxe)-with-retroarch-PSX-(EN)

Oh well, i mean if i end up liking the standalone and im always bigbox anyways so its just mostly a background procedure. Just that 2 minute sony load up on final fantaxy vii -.- so confusing, anywho good night/day to you im gonna go focus on gaming finally xD thanks again man.

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