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Exit Bind for Kega Fusion

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Put this AHK script in your AutoHotKey tab of your Fusion emulator in Launchbox.

    Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}}

I just tested it and works perfect for me.

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Hi, I bought Lauchbox and this is an incredible program!

Through my configuration and testing process, how do I put a command like the one above ( for Kega Fusion 3.64)  where Kega will FIRST power off the emulated game system (Shift + Tab) and THEN exit? The reason I ask is because when I quit Kega through Launchbox (with escape key on keyboard), when Kega exits, it hangs for about 3 seconds and the last game sound byte keeps looping for those 3 seconds and sounds awful. I'd assume Launchbox just attempts to close the program (Kega) which causes this. If the game is "powered off" first (silent sound) it would at least make the program exit silent.

Another question. I'm using Launchbox BigBox mode with my Xbox One controller. For the most part, it works fantastic. However, Launchbox (in BigBox mode) does not recognize the Home (guide) button on my controller. Is there any way to make Launchbox recognize it? And if so, Is there a way to have the home button pressed for X seconds before being assigned the command to quit or kill any emulator program?

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Fusion is just a funky emulator in how it functions with front ends, I have noticed this weird behavior with other front ends as well so it's not a Launchbox thing. I am not knocking its emulation quality at all but I find Retroarch and the Genesis GX core to be much better aside from the fact it doesn't do 32X. I suggest using RA and the Genesis GX core but if that is not an option then you are just going to have to deal with Fusions issues.

As for your XBox One controller I don't have anything I can really suggest since I don't have one but as far as I am aware of Launchbox doesn't use the Home / Guide button at all but I have never tried to bind anything to it. To close out games people use a button combo, usually Back + Start to exit emulators.

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Thanks for the reply. How do I make a button combo to exit a game?

If it's a simple code like in a previous post here, can "Shift + Tab" be added right before sending the command (back + start, or whatever combo) to exit the emulator application?

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Thanks. The botton combo works great.

So all that remains: can "Shift + Tab" be added anywhere in the Launchbox programming to exit the emulator application?

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I could maybe create a script for the home button on your controller. But I dont have an xbox one controller, I only have a 360 controller. I have been curious about how the xbone home button works in AHK. With the 360's you can press the home button but cant hold it down, there's an inbuilt key delay for some reason and I dont know how to get around it.

If you want me to try and make a script that can exit emulators with home button then you have to test the following:

Download and install autohotkey

Right click on desktop


Autohotkey script

Right click on it, edit

Underneath the lines already there



Save it

double click on it to run it

Press home button on controller

Press escape

Copy everything there and paste it here so I can see it


Im not making any promises as im still a bit of a noob at this stuff. Hope someone tries it though.

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