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Shutdown Steam when exiting Big Box


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Is there a way to shutdown steam when exiting BigBox?  I usually let windows shut it down upon exit, but that creates an issue when booting up every time.  Steam wants to check itself due to an improper shutdown.  So what I'm looking for is a way to have steam properly shutdown when BigBox shuts down.  Thanks for taking the time to read and respond.




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couple things you could do. 

1. you could install autohotkey and always have a custom ahk script running (drop it in your startup folder) which will properly exit Steam when the bigbox.exe process isn't running. this script could just loop forever, checking if big box.exe runs and if no, it will run a command to exit steam nicely (if there is one). if bigbox.exe is running it will just wait a second or two and check again over and over.

2. this is probably easiest. just create a simple batch file with the command to exit steam. then use the Windows task scheduler to run this batch file on user logout or system shutdown (whichever you prefer).

both of these should work as long as steam has a way to nicely exit the app with a command line. you might try just using "taskkill.exe /im steam.exe" (or whatever the steam process name is)


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