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Very Nice! I mentioned this playlist in another topic :-). All we need now is some cool artwork from the snes classic menu and a playlist video.

Thanks for the list!

Verstuurd vanaf mijn Nexus 6P met Tapatalk

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No problem! I had a look on Google for a decent clear logo but could only find one in svg format and don't have any graphic program to save it as a png.


If they release an official trailer like the one they made for the NES Classic I'll use that as my playlist video. I liked the 80s cheesiness of it. We need a 90s one for the SNES with plenty of 'tude!


I have the Starfox 2 beta with the English translation, it'll do until maybe the new one is dumped. But I wouldn't know anything about such things :ph34r:...

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