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Bypass CD-i Video Cartridge Message in MESS?


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So I am trying to get The Philips CD-i machine emulated in MESS/Mame but for some reason I am getting an error message while trying to load a game. It's telling me "sorry to play this disc your cd-i player must be equipped with a cd-i digital video cartridge" what exactly does this mean and how can I fix this issue?

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36 minutes ago, 5thWolf said:

Re-reviving this! hahaha. I tried to research this just now with no new results like every other time I have. I doubt there is a work around, but I would like to see if anyone has found the files and got it going.

I wonder if the mame devs checked these docs out: http://www.icdia.co.uk/docs/

based on what they were replying here: https://github.com/mamedev/mame/issues/1170 this might be one of the things they are looking for? http://www.icdia.co.uk/docs/dsp56001.zip

The icdia site has been updated quite recently too.. I don't have a github account so I can't reply to that mame issue directly to see if they have those docs already or not.

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