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Can't get Boxes to display in Bigbox Game Details

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Hi guys, which settings in Bigbox do I need to check to display the game box in the Game Details screen in Bigbox (Default theme)?

Currently, it displays the Clear Logo which looks stupid since it's also in the wheel. I have all the box images but no matter what I do it will display the clear logo instead of the game box.
I've cycled through all the Views available in the default Theme but no luck and I have it set to show Boxes in the options menu but no matter what settings i tick/unitck i can't get it to display the game box!

I've attached a picture of how i'd like it to look with the game box showing.



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Assuming you have all your images in the correct folders, I would do 2 things. 

1: In Launchbox go to options then under "Images" - "Box Front Priorities" make sure "Clear Logo" is not at the top. If so move it down and make what ever image type you want the priority. This setting does affect BigBox

2. Then in BigBox make sure you refresh your image cache. 

Not sure if that is 100% correct, but it is how I changed it to make sure in themes that used box art in certain views that the box art would show if I had an image for it. 

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Thanks guys! I messed around with the priorities and it's sort of helped after refreshing the image cache. It's a bit strange but my "Best of" playlist is showing the box fronts but my platforms aren't, even though i have "Same view for all" selected. I'm happy with that for now as it's the one I use the most. I'll keep playing around.

Much appreciated!

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