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Having Trouble with Launchbox and Dolphin/Gamecube on retroarch?

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Hi there so I am having a little bit of trouble setting up WindWaker into Launchbox through retroarch. Also I seem to be having trouble letting retroarch actually scan and recognize the iso file for windwaker? I imported the iso file into launchbox and made dolphin the default core for Nintendo Gamecube and such. However, the game does not launch when I click on it. I am able to play the game if I drag the .iso into retroarch.


Any suggestions to why it wont load into retroarch also why launchbox isn't launching the game?


I started LaunchBox yesterday so Im really nooby but please help if you can. Thanks!  

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It's probably not scanning into Retroarch because there is either no database for it to check it CRC against or your disk image doesn't match the one in the database if there is one.

As for loading the game through Launchbox it is most likely a command line parameter error or associated platform mistake.

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If your Retroarch setup is loading games outside of Launchbox it should load them just fine within Launchbox as well as long as your settings are correct. Your Associated Platform and Command Line Parameters look to be correct.

I have not bothered to get the Dolphin core up and running yet since I still view it as early work in progress and does not do the job as good as the stand alone yet. I will try it out when it matures a bit and hopefully catches up.

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