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Use a controller to select user login Win7 x64

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Tj19    0

Sorry to bother everyone but  I wanted to ask for insight as to if anyone knew a work around for this issue I'm having or rather feature I'd like to implement to my pc.

I've setup a profile for Launch Box/ Big Box and have it launch it hiding the desktop icons and windows explorer.exe in the background for a more immersive view.

On another profile I have it for Steam Big Picture mode and have it do the same for that, despite having pc/steam games in my Launchbox library I also liked having this since you can manage downloads/ updates for said games here as well and the browser works surprisingly well just with a controller.

Finally I have another profile for general Pc use, gaming, browsing internet, work ect.


Despite all of this the one problem I have is that in order to select a user profile when logging  into my computer I have to use a wireless keyboard and mouse in order to select the profile and then I can use the controller, Ideally I'd like to be able to use the controller d-pad to select a profile and then login to it by just pressing A) or a button on said controller but I haven't found a workaround for this as of yet. 

(I can turn the computer on via the controller which currently is a wireless xbox - one controller however I have a wired 360 one , ps4 and many others that could be implemented as well.)

If anyone has any insight into this problem that would be most appreciated as whilst it is a minor gripe I also set the profiles up for younger children and also inept older adults to use said software and using just one controller to access the features is a lot easier, convenient for both them and my self.

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