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Back on topic.. being able to filter on rejections would make easier to correct submissions in such a way so that they might be resubmitted 

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Is there any way to remove/alter a pending submission that hasn't any moderations yet?

I'm, very slowly (939 pending changes so far and I haven't even finished the letter A...), working my way through the 3DS catalog, adding a whole lot of (mostly Japanese) games that are missing from the database and other missing information (mainly alternate titles). However, I was just working on a game "Hello Kitty's Magic Apron" when I accidently hit submit instead of the button to add an alternate title. So, now the submission is empty aside from the title and an alternate title. I still wanted to add a third alternate title (Japanese title), the developer and publisher and of course a cover.

But I guess I now have to wait until someone accepts it to further modify it?

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Once you've submitted then it's out of your hands.

Something similar has happened to me a few times where I've hit submit instead of add image.

A confirm submit would be handy here.

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Most of the time spent moderating is in:

-waiting that server loads

- looking for the source of the proposed changes on the internet


I ask "is it possible to oblige in some way to insert a link or a text for the requested change?"

It is terrible to have to spend 10 minutes to understand if the logo that the peson wants to label only as "north america" is also valid for europe. And also the person himself would be forced to carry out research before requesting avoidable changes.

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