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single key to exit all emulators?

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Not a LaunchBox-specific question, but thought I could get some good advice here.  Still working on tuning my configuration and my setup will be going into a 4-player arcade cabinet running BigBox and an Ipac 4 for the arcade controls.

I'm noticing that some emulators use the ESC key to exit, for example MAME which will probably be my primary emulator.  However, some others I'd like to use like Nestopia and CCS64 use ALT-X to exit the emulator.

I'm planning to have a hard button on the machine that acts as an ESC key.  What is the best way to have all emulators exit using this single button?  Any suggestions?


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BB has an option to close the open emulator with a 2 button combination, Its called controller automation in the settings. With your hardware is it possible to make it so your close button is linked to two keys? If not insteasd of a button to close you could just pick a button combination that is never used during gameplay such as P1 and P2 start simultaneously.

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