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LET'S PLAY!! - BB Startup Videos

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Hi guys!

I'm not a programmer, but I wanted to contribute in someway to the LB community, so I decided to make some Big Box Startup Videos. I've called them:


You need this intros if you want that everyone in your house knows its game time. Play them loud and proud.

Included are 3 versions (all 1080p) for various musical tastes:







Hope you like them! If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know!



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@knightCrawler You can just simply create a Startup folder in your LaunchBox/Videos folder and drop some videos in there if you would like some random videos to play each time you startup BigBox. If you only want to use one and the same video each time you startup BigBox just drop the video in the LaunchBox/Videos folder and name the video Startup. You can also just create the Startup folder like I mentioned above and just put one video in the startup folder and it will play the same startup vid every time as well.

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Great videos alfredolvera. That trance version is my favorite for some reason. Looking forward to others if you get the time.

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