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Loading MAME ini with Launcbox


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I finally ditched the libretro cores due to numerous reasons and too many hours of unsuccessful attempts to get MAME running like I would like it. 

I went ahead and installed MAMEui64 and everything within the ui is running great. The only problem now though is that when I try and load the games through Launchbox, it doesnt load the same .ini file that is in the MAME ini folder.  When I load up an arcade game in Launchbox everything is default settings rather than the .ini file that MAMEui starts up.  

Do I need to set a path for the MAME .ini file for Launchbox?  Also, what the custom .ini files that are being used for certain games that I have specific controls setup for?

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54 minutes ago, lordmonkus said:

Launchbox uses whatever ini your Mame is using outside of it. Unless you are using RocketLaucher which if I remember correctly has it's own ini but it's been so long since I even looked at it I could be wrong.

Are you saying that the .ini being pulled would be the same one stored in C:\MAMEui64\ini\mame.ini not from some other location within the Launchbox installation folder?

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