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Rom Import folder depth

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First Post, Wrong place i'm sure.

So the question I have is what is the folder depth max for rom file imports.

eg,  d:\psx\game name\game name\gamename.bin won't find the games

if they are in d:\psx\game name\gamename.bin  it does find the games

they are in that folder depth because im guessing the way i extracted them. And I don't have the original package anymore.

and yes of course i own all the originals.

Launchbox rom import seem to not find the files unless i move them back a dir. The Are 800 games in this PSX collection. and manually moving them to dir lower is a very time consuming process.  

Does anyone have any hints or tricks to get this to work?

Much thanks


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Welcome to the community. :) 

For a start i would import the .cue files not the .bins, then rather than importing the folder i would just import the files using the windows search. So in the import wizard choose add files, navigate to your psx folder, then in the windows search bar in the top right of the window enter *".cue" That should then list all your .cue files, just click one of them then ctrl a to highlight them all and add them. That should import all your .cue files just fine, any other issues just holla.

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