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Retroarch save game/memory card backup

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So, I had a problem with retro arch where it was only showing half the screen. No matter what I did, it wouldn't show both sides. Out of frustration I deleted the whole folder and re downloaded it which did fix the problem, however, that of course deleted my save games and save states. 

Before I research a way to do this on my own, are there any known projects that backup the memory cards, save states, and save game folder for retroarch on google drive or drop box automatically? I figured I would ask before I try and write something myself. 


This could also be a great way to be able to play on your desktop, then pick up the save game on your raspberry pi. Speaking of which, I hope we get a linux version of Launchbox one day, even if it is stripped down to work faster on a raspberry pi. 

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I go into RetroArch settings and set the save and state folders to my OneDrive drive on all my computers this way I can pick up my game regardless of the machine I'm using.

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