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I have setup PCSX2 Emulator for Playstation 2 game like Tekken 5 and Tekken Tag Tournament.

In start game run fine but in play mode the game run slowly and its frame rate goes down form 60 fsp to 30 fsp.

I have followed every setting ,and i have followed the lunchbox tutorial about PCSX2but but result came same,  

My PC Specification is under: 

AMD A4-3700 HD Graphics

Ram: 4Gb

Videos: 2Gb (512 mb built In)

1Tb Hard

windows 10 (64bit)

i have played GTA iv (PC Game) game in this pc and run perfectly fine but in PCSX2 game FSP rate drop down rapidly.

Can any on tell me how to run PS 2 Game with original fsp rate or with great fsp. i have tried different versions of PCSX2 and use different plugins and bios.


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It could be your CPU. PCSX2 is hardware intensive.

Here is a list of CPUs and compatibility from the PCSX2 forum. Looks like your CPU would run but slowly so there may not be much that can be done. 


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