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3DS and other consoles Videos uploaded to Emumovies FTP

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I've downloaded some video snaps for Nintendo 3DS to complete my collection as we'll be able to play 3DS soon on PC, I wanted it to be ready now.

You can download the videos in /Upload Here/_Video Snap Submissions/_Not Approved/Aorin/Nintendo 3DS on Emumovies FTP

Some notes:

Videos are SD quality at best

Only top screen (it makes themes look much better IMO)

It's hard to find no commentary videos and without watermarks for this system

They are a total of 78 videos, which only 62 made it to my list, the extra videos are still in the above mentioned folder for you to use

Extra note:

Sharing is caring!

That's it, enjoy!

Here's a short video and some screen-shots so you can see the videos, Youtube downgraded my video quality during the upload, but that's ok.







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18 minutes ago, aorin1 said:

Hi everyone, I'm Aorin from Hyperspin forums, how are you?

Welcome to the Launchbox community. :) 

Thanks for sharing your video's with the people here, I am sure a lot of people will find them very useful.

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2 hours ago, neil9000 said:

Welcome to the Launchbox community. :) 

Thanks for sharing your video's with the people here, I am sure a lot of people will find them very useful.


I use to share everything I create, so feel free to use them.

There are tons of videos for other systems I recorded myself that EM still doesn't have available officially, so that's a bonus for those that would like those extra games available in the frontend, mostly Japanese titles.

Over 500 videos in this link for PS1, PSP, PS2, don't forget to copy the red part and paste to your browser, otherwise MEGA will ask for decryption key, which doesn't exist.

PS1 (244 videos)


PS2 (90 Videos)


PSP (248 videos)



Original thread in EM:




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