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SNES MSU-1 Cover Pack

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If only the relationship between Sony and Nintendo had worked out the way we'd hoped, the PlayStation might have been an entirely different beast today. Thanks to the recently discovered "Nintendo PlayStation" console, we can finally have a glimpse of what might have been. In this pack you'll find cover art for the various CD audio games that have been released to date (also known as MSU-1 titles). I've only made covers for the titles I could get working properly within RetroArch so expect a few to be missing if you're using a different emulator. However, I do plan on making covers for those titles as well as disc art for this pack so expect updates in the future. If your game isn't in this initial releae, drop a message requesting it and I'll do my best to make a proper cover for it.

In the archive you'll find 2D covers as well as alternate "3D-ish" cased covers. Use whichever you prefer and enjoy!

NOTE: This pack was made to compliment the MSU-1 Platform video made by @CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT and that can be found right in the link below:

MSU-1 Platform Video

(All artwork: Riffman81)


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