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SNES MSU-1 Cover Art


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A new PCM pack for Illusion of Gaia has been put together and uploaded:


Also it appears that the pre packaged MSU packs have been pulled from the archive.org so people will have to download the PCM packs and patch their own roms.

Here is a video guide on how to do it from Smokemonster:


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All credit for the artwork used in these covers belongs to the original creators. None of these covers are my original art, all of it was made using art found on Google Images and I claim no ownership over any of it whatsoever. All I did was simple copy / pastes and in some cases used filters.

I noticed there were still quite a few gaps in the covers for the MSU games, especially the less popular games. So I decided to utilize my less than stellar artistic and Photohop / Gimp skills and do something about it. I really like the style of covers @NahuelDS did so I used his template and copied his look and feel by not using the original box art though there were some cases where there was no good optional art to "steal" off of Google Images so I had to use the original art as a base. Combine these with the covers @NahuelDS has already uploaded in this thread for a consistent look. There are some covers for games that have an MSU patch and PCM pack in the works such as Demons Crest and Out of this World.

Also I do not claim to be an artist or have any artisic skills whatsoever so if you don't like them and think they suck that's fine. The templates are available so feel free to make your own if you don't like em.


BS Zelda 3rd Quest.png

BS Zelda 4th Quest.png

BS Zelda Map 1.png

BS Zelda Map 2.png

Chrono Trigger Blake Robinson.png

Conkers High Rule Tail.png

Darius Twin.png

Death and Return of Superman.png

Demons Crest.png

Donkey Kong Country 3.png

Final Fantasy III.png

Final Fantasy VI.png

Final Fight 2.png

Home Alone.png

Joe & Mac.png

Killer Instinct.png

Legend of the Mystical Ninja.png

Mega Man 7.png

Mega Man X3 Zero Project.png

Out Of This World.png


Power Moves.png

Rival Turf.png

Rockman and Bass.png

Rushing Beat.png

Simy City.png

Street Fighter 2 Turbo.png

Super Adventure Island.png

Super Mario Allstars.png

Super Mario Kart.png

Super Mario World 2.png

Super Metroid Symphony.png

Super R-Type.png

Super Street Fighter.png

Super Turrican.png

The Rocketeer.png

TMNT - Turtles in Time.png

Top Gear 3000.png

Top Gear.png

Toy Story.png


UN Squadron.png


Zelda - Ancient Stone Tablets.png

Zelda - Link to the Past DX.png

Zelda - Parallel Worlds.png

Super Metroid Project Base.png

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I did my best to find good fan or official art to use but certain games that proved extremely difficult so I had to resort to using the real box art and modifying it slightly. There are definitely some here that I am not a huge fan of but my art and Photoshop skills are extremely limited. Like I told Zom, I know just enough to poke around and play with settings, sometimes the results were good and other times a total disaster, lol.

Glad you like them.

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You need the patched rom correctly named, the .msu file, the rom name .xml file, the .pcm files and if using the stand alone Higan or BSnes cores the maifest.bml file.

I suggest using either the Snes9x core, Higan core or stand alone Snes9x for this stuff since you can just straight load the patched rom file.

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