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Hi All - Does BigBox allow for different sounds per theme? For example, if I am using the classic mini theme i want to use the classic mini soundpack, but if i am using a different theme i would want to use a different soundpack - is that possible? Or do all of the sounds come from the main LaunchBox sound directory?

Thank you!

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you can change sounds, but you have to go into the setting----->Sounds----->Sound Pack, and change the sound pack that you would like to use for the theme. At moment, the sound packs don't change when you change themes, so you have to change the sound pack every time you want to choose another theme. I hope Jason will add the ability to set sound packs to themes so that when you change themes, it also changes the sounds.

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Just now, angelobodetti said:

Yea sounds per theme and even sounds per platform would be amazing. 

Mario sounds for Nintendo platform and sonic for Sega would be amazing. 

The more modular things get the better. Really gives us all the ability to make the build our own. 

OOOOHHH!!!! i would love those features. Listen Jason! LOL

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