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Guide: BigBox on Android!

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Hey all,

I just found out I can stream BigBox to my android phone and use my moga controller to navigate the interface and play the games!

Nvidia have an app that allows you to stream from your pc to a Shield Device with very low latency. An app on the Google Play Store called Moonlight allows regular android phones to do this as well. It also supports controllers.

To do this you need an Nvidia graphics card. Download the Geforce Experience app from here: https://www.nvidia.co.uk/geforce/geforce-experience/

In the Geforce app click the settings gear icon and select shield. Click the Add button and navigate to bigbox and select it.

On your phone go on the google play store, search for "Moonlight" and you should find Moonlight game streaming.

The rest of the instructions are best followed here on the developers site: https://github.com/moonlight-stream/moonlight-docs/wiki/Setup-Guide

It's really easy to do and takes like 5 min to setup.

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Pardon the necro, but I just wanted to chime in here. I can personally confirm Parsec works great. There is also Rainway now, which lets you do the same as Parsec, just over a web browser, no client download.

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