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Hi all. I'm hoping someone here has an idea about my issue. I downloaded two baseball games; Tony LaRussa Baseball 96 and Oldtime Baseball; from oldgames.com, which both come already configured with DosBox.  Tony 96 runs like a charm, but Oldtime

Baseball does not.  The issue I'm having is that the graphics "freeze" or "glitch" until I move my mouse.  For example, if I'm editing a player, when I click on the name, it highlights, but just freezes there until I move the mouse, then it goes to the player edit

screen.  And when I'm in game and the player image of the batter comes up, it only loads 1/2 the image, until I move the mouse, then it completes. It's odd, because as far as I know, Oldtime Baseball uses the exact same engine that Tony Larussa Baseball

uses.  I tried the F10 mouse thing, F7 + F8, F11 + F12, etc, and nothing helps.  I am aware that not all dos games are guaranteed to run smoothly in DosBox, but I was hoping maybe that since this game came with DosBox already configured, maybe it was not

configured properly.  Anyway, any help would be appreciated.



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