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Dreamcast Fan Made Unreleased/hacked/multi region Boxes

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Hi guys,

I have my physical collection for the Dreamcast, but wanted to add some games that I like to play on the actual hardware too... problem is, some of these games/versions do not have actual boxes.  So I knocked some up using bits I have found and some I have made from scratch.  Included is some boxes for some of the titles I made region free or games I simply dont have boxes for, disk only.  They are made to fit into Large DVD clam type boxes and half size versions similar to the original boxes.  I would love to have official boxes to put them in but these are so fragile and hard to find good cases for even my standard collection, so its a good option.

Also, Im PAL, so box art is for this region.  May come in handy for others...



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Cheers mate these look great. I have an original Dreamcast with some ermmmmmm games that require covers.  Looks nice as a collection on shelving / Have you played Seaman????? Weird ass game!!!

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