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Good evening all

i recently imported few different games with different extensions inside 1 platform

.dsk , .crt , etc

now i need to select only .crt files for example to make mame works corretly. "mame -cart", but now all the games with different extensions are together in the list...can be implemented a feature for show only certain file extensions?

hope you understand...lol sorry for my english


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Typically When you import ROMS that have multiple file types you will pick one type.  I am guessing your using a computer system that is part of MESS (MAME64) that can play a Cartridge, Floppy Disk, Tape or CD.     I have done with TI994a but i usually will just pick the cartridge.   

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good evening guys, thanks for the response ^^

yes i did what u say ^^

i use mess and mame yes. for example MESSUI recognize automatically if is a disk or cart inside its program "audit" and then import roms, it recognize the different types and starts automatically when u click. there is a way for launchbox for launch MESSUI that recognize automatically a crt or dsk file?

or maybe, implement in launchbox that as messui it ill recognize every type of extension and if you choose MAME64 it starts automatically with command -cart (if is cart) etc?

sorry again for my english i'm italian ^^

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