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How to update MAME version?

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So, presently I am using MAME64 v. 191. I saw that 193 just came out over the holidays and I wanted to move to the newest version of the emulator, but at the same time I want to keep all the configurations I have done to my version of MAME. I also like my current UI okay, but can't seem to find the same UI for 193.  Can anybody help? Just to clarify, I included a screenshot showing how my current UI is for MAME, in case it has a special name I am not aware of (From my understanding MAMEUI64 is different).


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No, because those custom files don't exist with a new install. The only files that could be over written are ones that both exist already and are a part of the new install so all your configs will be fine because those are all generated after installing.

As always make a backup of your current working Mame folder just in case something does go horribly wrong.

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