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Turn off Platform square images / Game Notes in Coverflow?

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Have been playing around with Big Box for about a month now, have most of my collection in there.

I'm using the platform videos as the background, and using Clear Logos for the left scroll wheel. Is there any way to turn off the square "platform image" that occupies the top center area? It blocks out a lot of the action in most videos.

Second question - is there a way to get the Game Notes (as in the overview/plot of game) in the Coverflow view that has the Clearlogo (left) and game image (right). I've turn off all the platform/developer info, as I just want the game info in there.. doesn't seem to be an option, or I'm a total noob? :)

Thanks for any replies.


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Hi @Blitzkrieg

The square images are called platform banners and are stored in the banner folders inside the platform folders inside LaunchBox\Images\Platforms. BigBox has no way of turning these off and if you delete them they will be recreated.
A workaround is to create an empty text file and then change it's extension from txt to either png or jpg (either will work).
You then need to delete the banner images and replace them with copies of this new empty file, renaming each copy to match the deleted image. When you now restart BigBox you may need to refresh all images.

In BigBox Options you can hide platform info via Platform Details and game info via Game Details by unticking what you don't want.

These will work with the default theme. Not sure about 3rd party themes as I don't use them.

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5 hours ago, Blitzkrieg said:

Hmm.. workaround. This suggests a 'feature request' to Jason!


Definitely put in a request that way others can vote it up. 

It also has to do with the theme and how the developer wrote it. For example, CriticalCid's original version of his CriticalZone had a view with fullscreen videos. He created that view with clear logos that slide out of view leaving only the full video on screen. His new version does something similar, but there is a faint grey box that remains on screen as well as some small information boxes in the corners. So the creators vision of the theme can come into play. 

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