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Slow to Moderate database

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Hi All,

I enjoy helping the Launchbox community by moderating the Database, Approving and Declining peoples updates.

Recently though I have got very frustrated with how slow it is to do this.  Clicking on the approve or Decline button seems to takes ages to move on to the next game.

Timing it just now, it took 26 seconds to do a simple approval on a new image. 

There is currently a moderation queue of 1067 items and I have noticed this getting longer and longer, it use to be only a couple of hundred.  So I assume I am not the only one losing patients with database.


Due to various issues I have not been able to help out for the last couple of months, in that time I was hoping this would improve but it has not.

Is there anything that can be done to improve this in the background?  I know how big this database is and this is not an easy ask, but I fear you will start losing moderators if things do not improve soon.  As is evident from the current backlog this already appears to be the case.


For the record, I take pride in making sure I am checking for duplicates and that names/pics are correct, I am not simply spamming the Approve button to get the queue down..  I want the Launchbox database to be solid, reliable and accurate.


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Every now and again @Vlansix does some kind of database tidy which helps speed up the moderation process, but it generally doesn't take long before it starts becoming horrendously slow again. I've experienced similar times myself and moderating the database is a bad enough job in itself, load times like that just make it unbearable. :(

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Yeh, I know he's a busy guy but you're right, it's been quite a while since I've seen him on here, likewise I hope he's ok

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