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Best c64 romset

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Ok so I always looking to play my c64 collection, but usually don't because I'm not sure which of the 20,000 games is any good or playable.  

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Maniac Mansion and Zac McKracken are 2 of my favs, howeverrrrrrrr They are also easily playable through scummvm.

Also was Impossable Mission, Beach Head, Defender Of the Crown, plus I played and anjoyed almost every game by SSI like Pool of Radiance.

Course I also remember being in awe over something called Geos. hehe Can we say great great grandfather of MS Windows. But then shortly after

I upgraded to the Amiga 500, but these games stick out in my mind.



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C64 is one of my favorites (and the one I spent the most with growing up). Here's some titles I enjoyed (I agree with DaveZ's list above as well):

Blue Max
Bruce Lee
Raid over Moscow
River Raid (it was really good on C64)
M.U.L.E. (best port imho)
Bard's Tale 1-3
California Games
Jumpman Jr
Who Dares Wins 1 & 2
Spy Hunter (actually most arcade ports are solid on the C64)
Times of Lore - great title, but I have had some trouble with this one.


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I'm a complete C64 nut. It was my first experience with video games as a 4-year-old kid. My Dad had boxes and boxes just packed with pirated disks with homemade labels on them, so that was kindof a giant treasure trove to mess around with. Bruce Lee was the first game I ever beat :D

These are some of my favorites:

Alien Syndrome
Aliens: The Computer Game (this one - there are a couple games for C64 with this same name)
Artillery Duel
Beyond the Ice Palace
Blagger Goes To Hollywood
Blue Max
Bruce Lee
Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom
Burger Time
Cohen's Towers
Cosmic Causeway
Crystal Castles
The Detective Game
Dig Dug
Dino Eggs
Donald Ducks' Playground
Ducks Ahoy!
First Samurai
A Fistfull of Bucks
Fort Apocalypse
Frogger II: Threeedeep!
Hover Bovver
Hunchback II: Quasimodo's Revenge
Impossible Mission
Koronis Rift
The Last Ninja
Lazy Jones
LED Storm
Little Computer People
Lode Runner
Main Frame
Master of the Lamps
Montezuma's Revenge
The Move Monster Game
Project Firestart
Psi-5 Trading Company
Raid on Bungeling Bay
Raid Over Moscow
Rescue on Fractalus!
Save New York
Space Taxi
Spare Change
Spy Hunter
Suicide Express
Suicide Strike
Summer Games
Super Pipeline 2
Times of Lore
The Train: Escape to Normandy
The Way of the Exploding Fist
Winter Games

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Yeah it was a bit confusing. It was about romsets, but instead of saying that I wanted to cut my c64 catalog down from 20,000 to the lets say 1,000 decent games, I said I needed to know what good games were there.  Since everyone was responding with favorite games, I enjoyed the outcome.


My list

Alice In Wodnerland


Artillery Duel

B.C Quest for glory

Battle Chess

Battle Tech

Beyond the forbidden forest

California Games


Gi Joe (even though it was impossible)






Mail Order Monsters


Rat Race

Raid On Bungeling Bay

Raid Over Moscow

Rambo: First Blood Part II

Rock Horror


Spy Hunter

Spy vs spy

Summer games I and II


Winter Games


Growing up my dad had a friend with a c64 and so when we got ours, we got copies of all of their games.  the c64 is where I started my adventures of BBS' and the fun of all that.

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The good old C64 was many peoples first computer or first computer experience, it was certainly my first experience with a computer. It was shortly after my uncle got his I got my Vic-20 back in '83.

So many games for it, it's really hard to narrow down any sort of definitive list of games for it. Best bet is to just check out a bunch of Youtube videos and look for games that seem interesting to you or just for the full set.

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