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Importing more games for a playlist ?

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So i want to set up the CP3. 

 launchbox has made an automatic playlist with the Mame import. but i only see away of importing more games as if it was a separate platform.

no way of adding more games to the playlist.

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1 minute ago, neil9000 said:

Just right click the game you want to add, choose add to playlist, then the playlist you want to add to, or create a new one.

but wont that require me importing them as a platform first ? meaning i would end up with 2 CP3 systems.

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When you imported your mame set you imported everything and let Launchbox create the playlists? If so the games you are looking to add to the playlist may already be imported but were just not added to the playlist for some reason. If the games are not imported at all then import them under arcade as normal, then add to playlist.

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