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Slow performance on Steam Link

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I've been trying to play some games with my Steam Link, but whenever I launch a game through launchbox the framerate goes down to 30 and the controller input lags horrendously. I have my PC near my TV, and whenever I do anything, the input registers perfectly on the actual PC, and it looks great. I don't know if Steam is taking priority away from non-steam games or what. I just wanted to ask if there was any setting I could change to fix this, or something like that. I should also note that the actual BigBox program works great through Steam Link, as does any other Steam game, so I don't think it's my internet. Thanks to whoever is able to help!

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I tried to get this working recently and couldn't quite get it as responsive as I prefer (although it was close).  Most of your options for this are in the Steam Client under In-Home Streaming.  Some things that helped my setup:

  1. Use Ethernet and not WiFi (this made a significant difference).
  2. Use the "Balanced" profile (Fast looked really bad and Beautiful was too slow).
  3. Leave Limit Bandwidth to "Automatic" (a lot of debate online about this setting)
  4. Use NVFBC for Nvidia GPU (didn't seem to make a huge difference for mine)
  5. Try a lower resolution, like 720p (optional)

If your framerate problem only happens when launching a game, I would suspect a RetroArch Video setting.  You might check the following:

  1. Make sure you set "Vertical Refresh Rate" to the Estimated Screen Refresh Rate just below it, once the estimation has completed (this was not at all obvious). If the numbers are way off, you can do it faster by editing the config file.
  2. Threaded Video -> Off
  3. VSync -> On
  4. VSync Swap Interval -> 1 (setting this to 2 would cut your framerate down to 30fps from 60fps)
  5. Hard GPU Sync -> On

In the end, I ran a 40' HDMI cable around the room, which works flawlessly.  Although the Steam Link didn't work out for me, I've read several reports of success with it.  Hope this helps you make some progress with it.

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