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Big Box crash / stop working on emulator exit (ppsspp for example)

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Hello People - Nice community forums !


I have been cracking my skull for the past week with problems exiting Emulators on Big Box, some of them work fine, others like PPSSPP just crash the Big Box on exit.

I try everything I was able to search on the forums and at the end I think I found the cause and temporary solution:


Possible cause: The Crash happens when using Big Box Auto Controller Automation method, but this do not happens when using the same feature on LaunchBox or when using the "esc" key on the keyboards... only on Big Box using the controller automation (X-Box 360 Controller).

Temporary Solution: After trying almost everything I disabled Controller Automation on Big Box (OPTIONS), end up installing Xpader and configure the program to get "esc" output from the controller by pressing Select + Play Button.





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