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Which MAME 0193 roms etc do i get for launchbox split or merged or other?

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quick question for a noob i was watching a tutorial on naomi and noticed that the video advised not to get split or merged roms but that was for 0184. Which ones should I use for the latest build of MAME 0193 for use within launchbox?

Any help would be appreciated 


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We actually recommend either non-merged or split sets, the merged can mess with the importer and you may find a lot of missing games with that set. I personally have a non-merged set, it takes up more space but every game has all the files needed in it's own zip.

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Okay let me explain the sets a little

1st nonmerged include both parents and clones except every clone contains the file parts of the parents thus the large file size

2nd Split sets contain both parents and clones but the clones only contain the file parts that it needs to be the clone and it will be dependent on the parent for the rest of the files

3rd merged is where there are no separate files for the clones as they are all contained in the parent rom this is troublesome to LB as it can't import any clones due to them not having files for LB to see to import.

Basically Split and Non-Merged will work identically in LB but just take up extra space on disk and the whole time that it was being suggested to not use split sets it was because how the new split DC bios was effecting Demul and really didn't have much to do with MAME at all it was a point that really bothered me when those tutorials where coming out and split sets weren't being suggested for no good reason.

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Maybe this already exists, but I couldn't find any info on it.

I read something today regarding having a right click popup over a game image that would allow you to select the parent or clone(s) you'd like to launch. Programatically sounds doable. On mame import, you select merged and based off of a parent/clone domain list file, generate a new file/hash that allows LB to use to determine what the popup list should look like. If I then right click on Puckman image, I'd see Puckman/ Pacman in my list. If I select Pacman, create the appropriate mame call and launch. That way we only have one image per game and the ability to launch parents or clones from it.


Based off of a domain list, automatically generate the clone entries on import to compensate for the missing files.

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If you add MAME games to LB it should combine clones with parents in the right click menu. Don't know how well it works in all cases at the present moment but when MAME is updated hopefully when Next gets finished (depending how it is updated) hopefully it will be able to easily use that data to do so.

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