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I spent the morning setting up Rpcs3 with the intent of playing demon's Souls

When the game started up the audio would skip for a half second about every 2-4 seconds

The audio skipping wasn't horrible so I just ignored it... but once I got into the game this is what I saw
5a651232062dc_Demonssoulsvideoerror.thumb.png.227d7ad539f559880e092ecdc5af9416.pngas you can see the gui works fine but you cant actually see anything in game.
The game is running fine my character responds to all controller inputs, I just cant see anything.

here are my settings
5a6513f1b607e_settings1.thumb.png.3e5b59afddeb90a6c19cda51fc38e038.png5a65140818fd6_settings2.thumb.png.0b9a1a76bc3e9fda80b0982964d9744b.png5a651412baa7f_settings3.thumb.png.607a95a64a89e4d4227a730b6df2bf94.pngIf anyone knows the reason for the problem any help would be appreciated 

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When it comes to specific game issues for PS3 I recommend keeping the RPCS3 forum handy.

If you go under the commercial games section and then playable you usually can search for your game if it is deemed playable and often find settings used. Here is a quick search result on their forum for Demon's Soul. Looks like similar issue to what you reported. 

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