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I have been using Retropie but now moving to a PC based system and purchased BigBox..  Is there an easy way to use my retropie drive?  I have over 2TB on an external drive complete with metadata and artwork..  Would love to be able to reuse them all..  I can import the ROMs but the drive is full of all the other stuff retropie uses and would be a PITA to clean it all out..

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Your metadata as far as I know can't be reused in LB your media is a different story though you can do it in a few different ways the easiest way would probably be to cut and paste it out of its existing folder structure and into the LB folders for the appropriate media also you could always go to edit platform in LB and manually change the folder where the media is in LB to where you already have it stored on your drive but you have to do each platform and its specific folder type individually and it can be tedious to do it that way.

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Of course launchbox has a great scraper for metadata/art. It misses some things, for instance when names in the database have special symbols: Alien³,  Ōkami. I wish it would just use the regular alphabet.

But anyway, might be faster to just import the roms and let LB download everything else? My two cents.


Someone made a Launchbox to Retropie script:

Maybe the person can make a Retropie to Launchbox script?


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