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[Request] Can we please make it possible to map multiple controllers differently?

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Been using BigBox since February 2017 & it's absolutely amazing. Although since I've been using 3 different controller types for all my games for quite some time now (Playstation, SNES & Gamecube) it kind of ruins it not being able to use 2 thirds of my controllers in BigBox because of not being able to map every controller differently. Even if its just editing in a notepad to get the mapping correct i don't mind this as an option.

Also to my knowledge you can't change the "Buttons" in windows (these) for all the controllers to be the exact same (Button 3 will be Select, Button 4 will be Back etc), this would be one solution for the option to use ALL existing controllers inside BigBox.

Havn't seen this been posted in a long while, but would like to bring this idea attention since i think this would be the update Launchbox definitely needs.

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Yeah I notice that it is sort of hard to remember which button number corresponds to which controllers button for that, because like the Select button on the SNES controller, might not be the same button number as the back button on the xbox360 controller. 

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