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Pause menu feature similar to rocket launcher

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It would be awesome if a pause feature could be added like the one that is available in rocket launcher. Particularly a way to pause and have quick access to manuals, strategy guides and magazines. For instance if I was playing castlevania 2 on the nes it would be cool if I could pause it and go into a menu to view a strategy guide or a copy of nintendo power with the castlevania 2 strategy guide in it. Is this possible? 

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This is something that gets asked for often and @Jason Carr has said that this is something that is actually fairly complex to do.

Right now the only way you are getting this functionality is to use RocketLauncher but Jason is looking at the possibility of better integrating RL into LB, http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/showthread.php?5303-LaunchBox-Rocket-Launcher-Further-Integration

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Hello guys !!this sounds very interesting!! :) can't wait to see what comes out of all this. It would be great to use HyperPause in BB and navigate to Guides and Stuff like what ericcannon said.


Can´t wait to see it




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Would definitely like to see something like this. I have used rocketlauncher, and while it does have powerful features, it is a pain to setup compared to launchbox's simplicity, and if something breaks, it's extremely annoying to go and have to open rocketlauncher to fix it. That's just my experience of course.

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