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Launchbox Showcase Ultimate Complete Edition (Nearly).
Nearly 300 platforms (lost count) with nearly 100000 roms (no duplication and all working) 5 platforms not yet running roms though

Using fundamental Theme by Grila (Just fancied a change)

Clear logos by viking and a lot made by myself (Poorly)

Has taken me many 1000's of hours to put this together and get working. 
Missing a couple of platform videos and about 30% of game media (boxes, clear logos and game videos) mainly from the computer systems although i have a lot of complete collections.

NOTE: The intro video is a splice of Rerohumanoid's superb  Hyperspin intro and Harryoke's  excellent wall breaker intro video which  I have edited (butchered) myself (Very poorly) so credit to them.


Break down of platform  catagories

Ultimate Playlist Edition.  Includes 50 so far.


Ultimate Arcade Edition


Ultimate Console Edition


Ultimate Handheld Edition


Ultimate Computer Edition



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Launchbox Showcase Ultimate Complete Edition (Nearly). Nearly 300 platforms (lost count) with nearly 100000 roms (no duplication and all working) 5 platforms not yet running roms though Using f

Complete set of tutorials here Over 100 systems so far  

Right here we go 1) There are approx. 210 systems and 190 playlists and yes I have in this build broken down systems into "sub-systems" such as arcade boards or region. Sega Mega Drive and Sega

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Is it right, you are giving up on your Tutorials on Youtube?

They have been a great help, with setting up my Launchbox / BigBox.

Many Thanks to you @pipes78, hope everything works out for you in the future........

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Lol I love the epic and unnecessarily long LB introduction video! Good stuff :D

Impressive numbers of systems. I too am a completionist so I can see where you are coming from. It would be nice if there was some consistency in the system videos - some are Vikings and some are others (e.g. Cinematix). I know that this is a generally a limitation due to availability. 

It would also be nice for the theme to display the number of games per platform.

I hope that you can keep going and ever increase the number of systems! Sometimes I look at MAME and all the systems that it supports (e.g. in MAMEUI there are hundreds of different computer systems and an equal number of kit systems supported) and wonder how many we can get into LB!

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Cheers mate get the consistence issue as it grates on me but its the best i have and if i had more time and patience i would learn how to create platform videos.

I am currently at the 400 mark or so. with playlists

I love the intro and do watch it everytime ...lol


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400 Platforms, 100,000 roms and working?  I find that extremely hard to believe.  However I'm not an expert and have questions"

1. Where did you get 400 systems from? There are about 130 at the very most. Are you breaking systems into sub-systems?

2. 100,000 roms, with no duplication and all working? There are tons of roms that don't work. Did you test all of roms in your collection? Are you using multiple emulators for each system?

3. Emumovies doesn't have video clips for a lot of the 130 systems known to exist, never mind 400. Hyperspin doesn't have clear logos for half of the 130 systems known to exist. Did you create them all yourslef? Can you post them somewhere?

I find this very hard to believe but I'm curious now. Can you post more info on this collection? XML files for all those systems maybe?


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Sty, don’t forget that “platforms” includes playlists/collections as well as physical systems. I have asked for a list of the platforms but this has not yet been made available. 

And there are more than 130 systems. A lot more! 

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I havent looked at it but I guarantee 200+ of those are series, arcade systems divided into boards and system genre playlists similar to how all those drive sellers do it to pad the number of wheels. Having that many, especially if theyre all top level, has to be a complete nightmare to navigate. If you want to he able to say "I have this many platforms" thats all ts good for, not usability.

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Its just a matter of semantics if you have seen any of his videos on his youtube channel. In his complete set-up videos you can see some systems are broken down into their subsets. For example Irem he has each in its own platform Irem M52, Irem M62, Irem M72, Irem M97. Not to mention as @Dan said the playlists.

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