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Game ClearLogos not showing up for some games on Bigbox

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I have added clear logos for all N64 games from Emumovies Sync to my harddrive. I took the images and put them in my Launchbox/Images/Nintendo64/ClearLogos folder and they all work and pop up in bigbox on the gamewheel.

 But Gamecube isnt working when i follow the same process. it still shows plain white text on the gamewheel for each game, ( i only have like 7 games on GC )

I have attached a picture of the path the logos are in, and a pic of bigbox not displaying them  ( shit quality, very sorry. Should of thought a little more about that before going to work..)

The pic shows Bigbox not populating Logos for the games, and the other pic is the file location the GC Logos are in.

 I downloaded from emumovies sync the Logos to match my gamecube ROMS folder, got all them, put them in the Launchbox/Images/Gamecube/ClearLogos folder but they do not show up on Big box, the same process for n64. Any suggestions?

I have confirmed that the titles of the Logos match dead on with the rom names, so im not sure what to do.



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