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Stuck Artwork While Browsing Games in BigBox?

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Hi Everyone,

I'm wondering if someone can help out solve this problem going on, but if you take a look at the supplied image you'll probably see what's wrong -- "Mach Breakers" is stuck there for some reason..

I've noticed this happening occasionally and it seems to be happening when I'm browsing; it seems to happen when I move from an item having that artwork to another not having the artwork. The artwork seems to stay stuck until something else overrides it again. Sometimes the artwork does go away if there's no case in showing it; overall it just feels like a bug going on and I've also slapped this in as a bug on the bitbucket site as well (I might've put it in twice by accident, sorry!)

So, my question is this:

Does anybody know if I've got a rotten setting going on that'd be causing this behavior and how I'd be able to stop it?


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